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The B-WISE project partners are glad to announce the publication of the “Report on Occupational Profiles in WISEs sector – Capacity-building in WISEs”. The deliverable is the result of the work conducted during WP.3 coordinated, on behalf of the B-WISE partnership, by the Consorzio Nazionale Idee in Rete, one of the Italian  partners of the  project,  under the  leadership of  Gianfranco  Marocchi. The whole report is the result of a constant comparison with the working group of Idee in Rete and Scuola Centrale Formazione that involved the authors Camilla Baldini (Idee in Rete project manager), Claudia Pinessi (Idee in Rete), Laura Minieri (SCF), Rita Festi (SCF) and Bianca Maria Molinari (SCF).

The report aims to:

  • identify and analyse the capacity-building needs that emerged from WP1 and WP2
  • identify, among the multiplicity of needs identified and re-aggregated into areas of expertise, the priority ones and describe them in detail.

This last description is functional in order to identify, in a subsequent elaboration (T3.2) that will be published soon, an analytical definition of possible learning outcomes for each of these areas; on this basis it will then be possible, in the continuation of the project, to define capacity-building paths.

The report is structured in two sections.

In the first chapter ‘The needs of the WISEs’ some criteria for the identification of expertise are preliminarily identified and a synthetic outline of the needs emerged from the previous WPs are offered.

In the second chapter ‘The capacity building areas’ some potential areas of expertise are selected and then subjected to a more in-depth analysis.

As part of this analysis, connections between these areas and the ESCO classification system were also identified, both with reference to occupational profiles, where appropriate, and to the ‘skills and competencies’ section.

The areas of expertise identified within the WISE sector are as follows These areas of expertise in WISEs are:

  • Networking and community thinking
  • The ‘Capacity of Vision’
  • Communicating work integration
  • Supporting work 1 – tutoring / mentoring/ informal training
  • Supporting work 2 – Skills Validation
  • Supporting work 3 – Placement
  • Organising production with Workers with Support Needs


The occupational profiles resulting from this report are:

  • Network operator
  • Social Entrepreneur
  • Social economy communicator
  • Tutor/mentor/informal trainer of WISEs
  • Skills validator
  • WISE placement operator
  • Expert on organising production with Workers with support needs

Should you have any questions, please contact:

EASPD – Forum of Employment

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CO-RESP Transnational Partnership meeting

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