CO-RESP Transnational Partnership meeting

EASPD – Forum of Employment

Meeting of the Member Forum of Employment

EU Care Strategy Webinar on Stakeholders’ Initial Reactions

National alliance for social responsibility participates in the Tenth European Forum of Solidarity and Social Economy Entities

On 1st March, 2023, NASO’s team took part in the third online meeting of the CO-RESP project.

The aim of this monthly meeting is to track the progress of all partners, to discuss any possible challenges and answer any questions and provide feedback of the completion of tasks and surveys around all country partners so far.

The agenda also included the following topics:

  • Social Economy Mission: Dissemination, Coordination and Logistics
  • Research: Collection of Promising Practices

Update by all partners was provided on the SRPP research and survey on WP2. The project partners will continue to disseminate the survey through their local and international networks of members in order to receive feedback and analyze it to produce both good and bad practices.

The agenda details of the upcoming meeting in Gleisdorf, Austria was discussed, including budget allocation for all partners and stakeholders, reimbursement claims for travel and subsistence.

The second part of the meeting included brief discussion on the employment criteria, the good transition rate of the labour market and accomodations.

NASO’s communication strategist and project expert will have the task to follow up each partner on the project to provide their communication reports by the last week of March. NASO’s team is also responsible for sending personalized emails to our members and partners to obtain filled survey and feedback on the project.

Quality assurance plan and evaluation was sent to all partners. The next monthly meeting is scheduled for the 4th April at 14h – 17h CET and will take place online.

EASPD – Forum of Employment

Pass It On, 01/2009 – 12/2010

CO-RESP Transnational Partnership meeting

CO-RESP Project: COmmunity REsilience through Social Procurement

CO-RESP – Community Resilience Through Social Procurement

NASO took part in Forum of Employment organized by EASPD


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