“Партньорство за достоен и независим живот”, 2013/14

EMPATHY, 2013/14

"EMPATHY" BG051PО001-5.1.05-0002-C0001 PROJECT "PARTNERSHIP FOR A BETTER LIFE" What is the aim of the project? The project aims at an active social inclusion of people with disabilities through promotion and implementation of policies for equal opportunities and social inclusion by the creation of a Support Center for People with Disabilities. What are the specific objectives of the project? Promoting a...

„Преходът от училище към заетост“ (BITSE)


Project Theme - “Transition from School to Employment” (BITSE) The examination of barriers which inhibit the transition from school to employment for persons with disabilities in matters is related to vocational education and training. Aim: To list, contrast and compare the attitudinal and structural barriers which restrict or prohibit the transition from school to employment for persons with disabilities. Objectives:...

“Мрежа с Общ Глас”, 2008/9

The Common Voice Network, 2008/9

Rationale and background of the project The main objective of the project is to build an international network for national lobby networks of social service providers for persons with intellectual, multiple disabilities and autism in the Central and Eastern European region. In the frameworks of the project we are going to examine the anti­discrimination laws of the countries that are...

“Предай Нататък”, 01/2009 – 12/2010

Pass It On, 01/2009 – 12/2010

WHAT IS THE PROJECT ABOUT? PASS IT ON — From Raising Awareness to Open Labour Market Opportunities for People with Disabilities through Vocational Training and Lifelong Strategies — is a two year project (01.01.2009 - 31.12.2010) funded under the Lifelong Learning Programme of the DG Education and Culture of the European Commission. It regroups partners from 8 countries, namely Belgium,...

Проект “Snowball”


TRAINING, NETWORKING AND CAPACITY BUILDING AS TOOLS FOR SUSTAINABLE DEVELOPMENT OF THE BULGARIAN NETWORK OF SERVICE PROVIDERS PARTNERSHIPS: FENIKS is an autonomous and pluralist organization, which tries to improve the quality of life for disabled people and their surroundings in the south west of Flanders..   ADO-ICARUS offers support for independent living to persons with disabilities.   KLEIS...





Вход за членове на НАСО

Ако не сте член на НАСО и представлявате организация, институция, търговско дружество, социални услуги или юридическо лице и желаете да получите достъп до зоната за членове, е необходимо да попълните формуляр за кандидатстване за членство в Национален алианс за социална отговорност.