CO-RESP Transnational Partnership meeting

EASPD – Forum of Employment

Meeting of the Member Forum of Employment

EU Care Strategy Webinar on Stakeholders’ Initial Reactions

National alliance for social responsibility participates in the Tenth European Forum of Solidarity and Social Economy Entities

Representatives of NASO, Municipality of Dobrich and Wonder Garden SP participated in an international conference and partner meeting of the CO-RESP project in Gleisdorf, Austria. The theme of the discussion was “Social Economy: Public Procurement with Added Value” and participants from Belgium, Austria, France, Bulgaria and Spain had the chance to present the current legislative framework in the field of social procurement and the challenges of providing employment for people with disabilities from their countries. Promising good practices for social enterprises striving for sustainability models and long-term solutions in the social sector were presented.

Representatives of the Municipality of Dobrich and the Wonderful Garden SP presented to the audience the history of social enterprise, the mission and goals of the team behind it, and the need for support to achieve sustainable solutions in the future. The contribution of the Municipality of Dobrich and the assistance of the local government in the implementation of the project and the provision of appropriate conditions for supported employment were highlighted. The focus was on the need for a deeper interaction between NGOs and local authorities at regional level in order to provide employment for disadvantaged people and to implement good practices and reforms in the social sector.

The CO-RESP project partners had the opportunity to visit several different complexes representing the different social service delivery centres of the regional social enterprise in Gleisdorf – “Chance B”. The friendly hosts presented their practices and solutions to achieve temporary and long-term sustainability through social value-added procurement. All participants actively participated in the tour, collecting best practices, asking questions and discussing the regulatory framework in Austria. Chance B are a provider of a wide range of social services aimed at people with disabilities in all age groups, employing over 700 people in the district of Gleisdorf. 10% of their workers are disadvantaged people who have been given the chance to develop their skills through various activities – sewing, ironing, wood carving, agricultural production in greenhouses, preparing various sweet treats for the local market in their own bakery, and much more.

EASPD – Forum of Employment

Pass It On, 01/2009 – 12/2010

CO-RESP Transnational Partnership meeting

CO-RESP Project: COmmunity REsilience through Social Procurement

CO-RESP – Community Resilience Through Social Procurement

NASO took part in Forum of Employment organized by EASPD


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