National Social Services Meeting

The long-awaited national meeting of social services was held on 25 June, arousing a great interest. A topic for discussion was ‘Social services during the COVID-19 pandemic, new laws and regulations’, and comments and presentations on key issues were given by Deputy Minister of Labour and Social Policy Nadia Klisurska, state expert at the Social Inclusion Directorate to the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy Teodora Lyubenova, ASA Deputy Executive Director Svetlana Angelova, Head of the Social Services for Adults Department at the ASA Venelina Bogdanova, as well as representatives of municipalities and social service managers and providers throughout the country.

The meeting was moderated by Veselina Boteva, director of the Social Policy Directorate of Plovdiv Municipality and member of the NASO Board. For the first time since the Social Services Act and part of its regulations entered into force, a highly informative presentation on the licensing of private social service providers has been given to those working in the social services sector. Nikolina Ivanova, director of the Control, Monitoring and Licensing of Social Services Directorate to the Agency for Quality of Social Services, reviewed the framework of the Act, the documents necessary for issuing a licence, time limits for considering and issuing licences, etc. Teodora Lyubenova, state expert at the Social Inclusion Directorate to the Ministry of Labour and Social Policy, went into details and main characteristics of the Implementing Regulations of the Social Services Act, its Regulations, the Ordinance on social service planning and the Ordinance on standards of payment for employees working in the social services sector.

An in-depth discussion focused on getting responses to the questions brought up from the on-site activity of social service providers, managers and specialists. Some of the questions were answered by experts from the relevant state institutions attending the meeting.



EU Care Strategy Webinar on Stakeholders’ Initial Reactions

On September 9th, the team of NASO had the pleasure of participating in the EASPD webinar on "European Care Strategy". During the nearly two-hour discussion, the factors leading to the need for a clear formulation of a common European strategy were discussed, with a focus on the care of all...

To all EASPD members

To all EASPD members

To all EASPD members, Dear colleagues, partners and friends from EASPD and Europe, At the traditional National Forum held a few days ago, we celebrated 25 years since the beginning of our work with Vision and NASO in Bulgaria. Twenty years of them have been marked by an active partnership...

Среща на партньорите по проект SaS

SAS – meeting of the project partners in Bulgaria

As part of the annual event organized by the team of NASO - National Forum 2022, a transnational meeting of the SAS project was held. Representatives of all project partner countries - France, Bulgaria, Norway, Italy, Spain, Greece and Belgium were present. The transnational meeting was an excellent opportunity to...

NASO starts work on a new project

NASO starts work on a new project

  16. 03. 22 NASO is starting work on the SaS - LADAPT project in partnership with a number of European Union countries - EPR (Belgium), FONIX (Norway), SPIR OSLO (Norway), THEOTOKOS (Greece), INTRAS (Spain), DIVALENZA (Italy) and others. One of the main priorities of the project is the creation...

EASPD webinar on the EU strategy on social entrepreneurship

On February 2, a representative of NASO participated in a webinar "EASPD Policy Cafe on the EU Action Plan on Social Economy" during which the European Union's strategy on social entrepreneurship and social service institutions was presented. The legal frameworks in the social economy of the different member states were...

Meeting with the Minister of Social Policy Georgi Gokov

20.01. 22 г. On January 19 in the building of the Ministry of Labor and Social Policy the President of NASO Mr. Georgi Georgiev participated in a meeting with the Minister of Labor and Social Policy Mr. Georgi Gokov. The agenda of the conversation included current topics related to the...

Декларация на национално представителните организации на и за хората с увреждане

Meeting of the Management Board

The working year 2021 for NASO ended with a meeting of the Management Board. The main topic on the agenda was the discussion and adoption of the Annual Work Program of NASO for 2022. The established tradition of the extensive and multi-thematic work during the year, as well as holding...







Вход за членове на НАСО

Ако не сте член на НАСО и представлявате организация, институция, търговско дружество, социални услуги или юридическо лице и желаете да получите достъп до зоната за членове, е необходимо да попълните формуляр за кандидатстване за членство в Национален алианс за социална отговорност.