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Month of adoption


The last three months of 2021 will be thematic for the team of the Complex for social services for children and families in Plovdiv. The month of October will be dedicated to the topic of Adoption. Free individual consultations with established experts – social workers and psychologists – are planned throughout October. They will be held after pre-registration on tel. 0884 100 383. The meetings will provide an opportunity to ask questions, discuss difficulties and challenges, receive guidance and advice.

CSSCF-Plovdiv again this year joins the initiative of the Bulgarian Association of Adoptees and Adopters “National information weeks for adoption”. A working meeting of professionals from Plovdiv and the region is planned together with the National Alliance for Social Responsibility. The aim is to establish a working partnership between the CPD and the CSSCF in cases of adopted children in monitoring the upbringing, observance of their rights and legitimate interests during the first two years of their adoption (two-year monitoring); to discuss opportunities for early and timely support.

Within the program of the Bulgarian Association “Adopted and Adoptive Parents” – BAOO “National Information Weeks for Adoption” will be a discussion and presentation of the book “Hope and Support for Adopted Adoptive Parents”. The event will provide space for asking questions, looking for answers, comments of interest to participants.

As part of the month of adoption, it is planned to hold an Adoption Support Group. The purpose of the meeting is to promote good practices for dealing with challenges in the adoption process and after it, exchange of experience and mutual assistance.

In 2021, the teams of NASO and CSSCF-Plovdiv conducted a survey that examines the problem of abandonment of adopted children, whose number is growing and adequate measures are needed to prevent the causes of this negative trend.

The team of CSSCF-Plovdiv and NASO dedicates a whole month to adoption, because in their daily work they see how extensive and significant the topic is and how many challenges lie behind the decision to adopt a child and the future life of each family.


Стартовата среща по проект CO-RESP

CO-RESP Kick-Off Meeting

In the beginning of October 2022, the team of NASO had the pleasure to start participating in a new project CO-RESP (COmmunity REsilience through Social Procurement). The CO-RESP project will aim to maximize the use of SRPP (Socially Responsible Public Procurement) by organising a Social Economy Mission (WP2), bringing together...

Проект Helpdesk


During the past week, NASO’s team participated in a joint online meeting with our partners from ASSP (Association of the Social Service Providers). Both NASO and ASSP were asked to assist with carrying out an extensive research on the HELPDESK project which is coordinated by EASPD and aims to help...

EASPD – Форум на заетостта

EASPD – Forum of Employment

NASO’s team had the pleasure to take part in the meeting organized for the Мembers of Employment Forum on the 20th of September, 2022. During the event important topics in the field of sheltered employment were touched upon and discussed, such as case studies and researches. A new project that...

EU Care Strategy Webinar on Stakeholders’ Initial Reactions

On September 9th, the team of NASO had the pleasure of participating in the EASPD webinar on "European Care Strategy". During the nearly two-hour discussion, the factors leading to the need for a clear formulation of a common European strategy were discussed, with a focus on the care of all...

To all EASPD members

To all EASPD members

To all EASPD members, Dear colleagues, partners and friends from EASPD and Europe, At the traditional National Forum held a few days ago, we celebrated 25 years since the beginning of our work with Vision and NASO in Bulgaria. Twenty years of them have been marked by an active partnership...

Среща на партньорите по проект SaS

SAS – meeting of the project partners in Bulgaria

As part of the annual event organized by the team of NASO - National Forum 2022, a transnational meeting of the SAS project was held. Representatives of all project partner countries - France, Bulgaria, Norway, Italy, Spain, Greece and Belgium were present. The transnational meeting was an excellent opportunity to...

NASO starts work on a new project

NASO starts work on a new project

16. 03. 22 NASO is starting work on the SaS - LADAPT project in partnership with a number of European Union countries - EPR (Belgium), FONIX (Norway), SPIR OSLO (Norway), THEOTOKOS (Greece), INTRAS (Spain), DIVALENZA (Italy) and others. One of the main priorities of the project is the creation of...









Вход за членове на НАСО

Ако не сте член на НАСО и представлявате организация, институция, търговско дружество, социални услуги или юридическо лице и желаете да получите достъп до зоната за членове, е необходимо да попълните формуляр за кандидатстване за членство в Национален алианс за социална отговорност.