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Some content on the NASO website is available for viewing by members of the National Alliance for Social Responsibility (NASO) only. For your convenience, we offer you the option to complete an online registration form and application form for membership in NASO.

In order to access information designated as members-only, you need to apply for NASO membership of your organization, institution, business entity or other types of legal entity. Please take notice of the fact that NASO members are only legal entities and social service providers.

Becoming a NASO member will enable you not only to use the website to its full capacity, but also to access more information on social services and social policies in Bulgaria and Europe received through official channels. In addition to this, you will be entitled to participate in events and activities of NASO and the European Association of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities (EASPD) in Bulgaria and Europe and to receive support for developing and promoting your activities. This support could be financial, depending on the type of your membership and the activities you want to implement together with NASO. Please take notice of the no-fee membership option.

If you want to be part of the NASO cause for achieving a better life in Bulgaria, fill in the attached Membership Application Form. You will first get acquainted with the Membership Terms and Conditions by clicking the Next button. You will be informed of the decision of the NASO Board and will receive a password to access appropriate members-only content across the NASO website within 10 days.

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