The Board shall consist of at least three members and shall be elected for a term of five years. The Board shall elect a Chair from among its members. The Board has the power to:
  1. Represent the Alliance and determine the extent of its individual members’ powers;
  2. Ensure the implementation of the decisions taken by the General Assembly;
  3. Manage the NASO property and approve the ways to carry out the NASO activities;
  4. Approve and remove members;
  5. Set the joining fee and the annual membership fee.
The Board meetings shall be convened and presided over by its Chair. The Board may take decisions if more than half of all the members attend it. Decisions shall be taken by a simple majority.


Вход за членове на НАСО

Ако не сте член на НАСО и представлявате организация, институция, търговско дружество, социални услуги или юридическо лице и желаете да получите достъп до зоната за членове, е необходимо да попълните формуляр за кандидатстване за членство в Национален алианс за социална отговорност.