Атанаска Бонева

Atanaska Boneva


  • Master’s in Social Affairs and Administration Management, University of Veliko Tarnovo (1997)
  • Master’s in Philosophy for Secondary Schools, Sofia University (2019)
  • Social worker, chief specialist, director at ASA (1990 – 2009).
  • Head of social service structures: Centre for Public Support, Centre for Social Rehabilitation and Integration, Complex for Social Services for Children and Adults, Yambol, (2009 – 2017).
  • Deputy Director in secondary school (2017 – present).
  • Working as a manager, coordinator and expert in NGOs sector, project management and implementation, with children and families at risk and with volunteers on national and European projects and programs.
  • Deputy Chair of the Commission for Foster Care at Social Assistance Regional Directorate Yambol.
Academic experience:
  • Trainer and supervisor of social service teams, consultant at a therapeutic centre.
  • External lecturer and trainer at VTC.
  • Consultant and expert in Expert Groups at NASO, participant in the interdepartmental working groups on regulations drafting.

Antoaneta Yankabakova


  • Master's degree in Human Resources Management and Development, NBU, Sofia (2009)
  • Master of Information Technology, Technical University, Gabrovo (1991)
  • Bachelor of Information Technology, Technical University, Gabrovo (1990)
  • Postgraduate qualification "Supervision of supportive professions", University of Veliko Tarnovo (2020)
  • Executive Director of the YMCA Association (1994 - 2020).
  • Head of the Center for Public Support at the YMCA Association (2010 - 2020).
  • Supervisor of foster families and regional foster care teams in 4 districts of the country (2017 - 2020).
  • Supervisor and trainer of professional teams providing social services in Bulgaria (2011 - 2020).
  • UNICEF consultant for the development of the Child-Friendly Municipality Network (2013-2015).
  • UNICEF consultant for the introduction of a pilot model for district planning and the creation of strategies for the development of social services in Rousse district and in the North Central Planning Region (2009 - 2010).
Academic experience:
  • UNICEF trainer for introduction of regional planning model of the development of social services in 25 districts of the country (2010).
  • Expert assessor of the state of social services for children and youth in Kosovo, Organization for Security and Co-operation in Kosovo, Pristina, (2005).
  • Expert evaluator of the international training program "ToT Assessment of Youth Workers" at the European Youth Center, Budapest (2002).
  • Trainer and consultant in the field of youth and social activities and organizational development of NGOs in Bulgaria, Macedonia, Kosovo and various European countries (1998 - 2020).
  • Trainer, expert and coordinator of projects and programs implemented by the YMCA Association, municipal administrations and other NGOs (1996 - 2020).

Анелия Милошова

Anelia Miloshova


  • Master’s in Psychology, member of the Society of Psychologists in Bulgaria
  • Individual and family counseling and psychotherapy; Supervision - professional consulting
  • PhD student, a dissertation on ‘Complex Rehabilitation for Persons with Physical Disabilities’ at Southwestern University in Blagoevgrad
  • Director of Care Home for Adults with Physical Disabilities ‘Ilio Voivoda’, Kyustendil
  • Expert – NASO representative for Kyustendil
Academic experience:
  • A coach and judge of Boccia, a Paralympic sport adapted for people with disabilities

Веселина Ботева

Veselina Boteva


  • Master’s in Financial and Non-Financial Institutions Accounting at D. A. Academy of Economics of Svishtov
  • Master’s in Health Management at the Medical University of Plovdiv
  • Bachelor’s in Social Affairs and Management at Paisiy Hilendarskiy University of Plovdiv
  • Inspectorates role in preventing and counteraction of corruption in the state administration;
  • Implementation of measuring conflicts of interest system in the state administration;
  • Integration of Roma in Bulgarian education;
  • Social services management, quality control and outsourcing of social services management and Monitoring and evaluation of social services development policies and strategies;
  • National coordination on EU issues: linking the internal and European dimensions.
  • Expert and manager in the Agency for Social Assistance (1999 – 2012).
  • Director of the Social Policy Directorate at Plovdiv Municipality (2012 - present)
  • Has taken an active part in deinstitutionalization process since 2012 in Plovdiv Municipality, with a personal contribution to the social services development in Plovdiv Municipality through active partnership with government agencies and NGOs.

Valentina Gesheva

Education and qualification:

  • Pediatric Nurse, ‘Mara Maleeva’ SHMU Plovdiv
  • Social Affairs, ‘St. St. Cyril and Methodius’ VTU
  • Risk assessment in probation practices, Paisiy Hilendarski PU
  • Management of centers for working with children and families
  • Field work with injecting drug users
  • Field work on HIV/AIDS and tuberculosis prevention
  • Board member of the Crime Prevention Fund – IGA
  • Expert and manager of CSRI for offenders
  • NASO Regional Representative for Pazardzhik Region
Academic experience:
  • Training in working with risk groups (drug addicts, sex workers with crime conduct, domestic abuse victims and perpetrators of domestic violence, people with physical disabilities)

Весела Цанкова

Vesela Tsankova


  • Master’s in Laws
  • Bachelor’s in Social Affairs
  • Board Chair of Civic Initiatives Association – Lovech and manager of Social Services Centre for Public Support, Centre for Social Rehabilitation and Integration and Supported Housing (2014 – present).
  • Social worker in Sheltered Housing for young people with mental and physical disabilities, Social affairs expert, Legal consultant in Lovech municipal administration (2006 – 2014).
  • Founder and Board member of Living Village Foundation.
  • NASO representative for Lovech.
Academic experience:
  • Providing training in the field of social services; drafting strategic and normative documents, social services and budget management; project and activity management.

Desislava Stoyanova


  • Master’s in Management of social activities with children and adolescents, qualification in Social pedagogy
  • Master’s in Information Science
  • Working on social projects;
  • Social services provision for children and people with disabilities;
  • Implementation of local strategies and guidelines in the field of social activities.

Желязко Айрянов

Zhelyazko Ayryanov


  • Master’s in Social Pedagogy, University of Shumen
  • Master’s in Public Administration, Free University of Burgas
  • Bachelor’s in Public Administration, Free University of Burgas
  • Founder and head of the Centre for Public Support in Sredets.
  • Has worked in the field of social services for over 15 years.
  • Is interested in social legislation.
Academic experience:
  • Part of the NASO expert team.

Живка Аярянова

Zhivka Ayryanova


  • Master’s in Counseling Psychology, University of Shumen
  • Bachelor’s in Psychology and Psychology Teacher, University of Shumen
  • Part of the team of the Centre for Public Support in Sredets (2014 – present)
  • Professional interest in early childhood development, motivation and support for parents to perform joint activities with children.
Academic experience:
  • Host of ‘Workshop for parents – to grow together’ of UNICEF Bulgaria
  • Leading trainer of adopters

Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sonya Budeva


  • Doctor of Psychology, Associate Professor of Social Work
  • 20 years of experience in the social sphere as a university lecturer, practitioner and trainer.
  • Leader and coordinator of international social projects.
Academic experience:
  • Lecturer at the University of Veliko Tarnovo "St. St. Cyril and Methodius ”, member of the LCCPMN-Municipality of Veliko Tarnovo, member of the EG at NEAA on PN 3.4 Social activities, member of a number of scientific juries, editorial boards, organizational scientific committees.
  • Author of monographs, textbooks, articles, studies and reports, independently or in co-authorship, in the field of psychology and social work.


Dimitar Mollov


  • Bachelor`s degree in International Economic Relations – RU Angel Kanchev University (2012)
  • Master's degree in Water Transport Management - VVMU "N.Y. Vaptsarov ”(2021)
  • Certificates of Completion in Small Business Planning and World Economy from the Scottish Qualification Authority, Morray College, UK (2011)
  • Overseas Container Shipment Coordinator - Globelink Bulgaria
  • Trade Specialist (Transnational Logistics) - "Transpress Ltd."
  • Ship supply manager for international projects - "Alfa Supply Ltd."
  • Logistics Operations and Projects Expert - Deva Services (UK)
  • International Sales Administrator - Surf Style Management (USA)

tel. 0884 688 242

Emilia Yosifova


  • Master of Economics, specialty "Accounting and Control" - SA "Dimitar Tsenov" Svishtov and master's degree in "Management of Institutions for Social Work" - Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski"
  • Since 2003 she has been working in the non-governmental sector - development and management of projects; Creates and manages - Foundation "Support for implementation" (from 07/2004) and CSRI for persons with disabilities (from 08/2007), manages CSRI for children with disabilities (from 05/2021)
  • Creates and manages an alternative, publicly available, mobile health and social service
  • Volunteer in the campaigns of the Association "Operation - Teddy Bear" from 10/2016 and the Association "Angels for Bulgaria" - London from 01/2021

Илина Чолакова

Ilina Cholakova


  • Master’s in Business Administration, New Bulgarian University – Sofia (2010)
  • Bachelor’s in Marketing and Management, Le Mirail Universite – Toulouse, France (2008)
  • Manager of the Complex for Social Development to the Agency for Social Development Vision in Varna (2020);
  • Social Services Expert at the Agency for Social Development Vision (2015 – 2019).

Сюзан Сейфетинова

Susan Seyfetinova


  • Sofia University “St. Kliment Ohridski”
  • Defense of a dissertation on topic: "Stress and work performance in social workers", Ph.D.
  • Technical University - Varna, Master of Social Management
  • Manager of the Social Development Complex in Targovishte at the Social Development Agency
  • Lecturer at the University of Shumen "Bishop Konstantin Preslavski" since 2021.
Academic experience
  • Seyfetinova, S. (2016). Factors for increasing labor performance of employees in the social sphere. In: Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "Leadership and Organizational Development", pp. 623-629, Sofia: University Press "St. Kliment Ohridski ”.
  • Seyfetinova, S. (2017). Predictors of labor performance. In: Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "Challenges and Prospects for Contemporary Psychology", pp. 579- 584, Sofia: University Press "St. Kliment Ohridski ”.
  • Seyfetinova, S. (2017). Performance indicators of employees in social services. In: Proceedings of the International Scientific Conference "Applied Psychology - Opportunities and Prospects" 2017, Varna Free University "Chernorizets Hrabar".
  • Seyfetinova, S. (2019). Occupational stress in the practice of social workers. In: Fifth International Student Scientific Conference "Applied Aspects of Psychology", University of Veliko Tarnovo "St. St. Cyril and Methodius".
  • Seyfetinova, S. (2019). Differences in perceived stress, burnout and coping strategies for employees in helping professions according to demographic factors. In: "Leadership and Human Resources Development", Sofia University "St. Kliment Ohridski ”(to be published).

tel. 0882 122 640


Veselina Stoilova


  • Master of Labor Economics - UNWE Sofia;
  • Master of Sociology of Economics - Varna University of Economics;
  • Master of Law - VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar" Varna;
  • Master in Social Management - VFU "Chernorizets Hrabar" Varna.
  • Trainer in complex rehabilitation of late blind people - NCRC Plovdiv;
  • Positive psychotherapy - SPB;
  • Social Entrepreneurship - Counterpart international - Poland;
  • Deinstitutionalization and social services for children - Grundtvig Program - Romania;
  • Emotional intelligence - Erasmus + - Cyprus;
  • European good practices - "Training factors" - Italy
  • Youth organizer - 1983 - 1986
  • Sociologist - 1986 - 1996
  • Trainer for rehabilitation of the blind - 1996 - 2004
  • Chief Expert in the Social Activities Directorate, Municipality of Varna - since 2004
Public Experience:
  • Membership in the SSB since 1978 and participation in various bodies;
  • Deputy Chairman of the Friends of the Blind Foundation - 1997 - 2000;
  • Founder and honorary chairman of the Empathy Foundation, Varna - 2000.
  • Co-Chair of the Public Council for Rehabilitation and Social Integration in the Municipality of Varna - 2001 - 2013;
  • Ombudsman for People with Disabilities in the Municipality of Varna – 2004 - Current
  • Author and leader of more than 50 social projects in the field of integration of people with disabilities in various fields - education, culture, social services, employment, protection of the rights of people with disabilities and others.





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