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А better life partnership



The National Alliance for Social Responsibility /NASO/ is a national non-governmental organization working actively for the creation and realization of effective national and local social policies, activities and services.

The founders have made it their aim to unite the possibilities and stimulate the efforts of NGOs, corporate subjects, municipalities and other entities to create a socially responsible environment stimulating social engagements in the community network helping the people in Bulgaria afford a better quality of life.

The establishment of the organization was preceded and conditioned by 10 years of highly successful experience of the founders in the implementation of significant and innovative projects in the area of social development, social involvement and social services. During its development NASO has built a successful and fruitful partnership with the European Network of the Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities /EASPD/ and participate actively in the Board of EASPD and  the establishment of the Bulgarian part of this network, as well as in initiating and realizing innovative models of social services and partnerships.

In 2007, during the First Forum of Service Providers for Persons with Disabilities an informal network of service providers for persons with disabilities was established.
In 2009 the National Alliance for Social Responsibility /NASO/ was founded and legally registered.

In 2010 the organization expanded rapidly its structure, thematic and territorial scope of its activities and met the criteria and requirements for a national representative organization working for persons with disabilities. In March 2011, with decision of the Council of Ministers the organization was granted status of a national representative and it was included in the structure of the National Council for Integration of Persons with Disabilities.

NASO realizes its activities through long-term aims in several directions:

1. Support for persons with disabilities and other social groups mainly through the National Network of Social Service Providers, participation in the National council for Integration of Persons with Disabilities and an active European partnership through the EASPD as its representative in Bulgaria.

2. Formation and implementation of active local social policies, creation and development of social responsibility through the municipalities by increasing their opportunities and  contribution to improving the social services, the quality of life of people in need and all citizens. An important contribution is realized in this direction, both in a direct partnership with the municipalities and in an active partnership with the National Association of Municipalities in Bulgaria, which is a member of NASO.

3. Support for development of corporate social responsibility in Bulgaria and focusing on person centered approaches, especially those concerning people in need, including people with disabilities. The promotion of good practice is part of the activities for development of corporate social responsibility and attraction of more corporate entities with huge resources for achieving a better life for all. Some of the biggest corporations in Bulgaria, which are members of NASO, for example Solvey Sodi AD, KCM 2000 AD, Aurubis Bulgaria AD and others, have made a strong contribution to reaching these aims.

4. Spirituality, art and culture have an important role in the activities of NASO; they are a crucial condition for the success of any initiative and an integral part of the criteria for a better life. The partnership with prominent artists and organizations, working in this field and implementing socially responsible activities, is a strategic planning for forming the complete image of NASO as an ambitious, professional and harmoniously functioning organization aiming to contribute to improving the quality of life of people and accelerating the social development of Bulgaria.

We invite you to become part of this partnership in achieving success and a better life for everyone in Bulgaria.

Georgi Georgiev
President of the Board