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In continuation of the implementation of the commitments of the CO-RESP (Community REsilience through Social Procurement) project, which aims to achieve a sustainable partnership between the local public authority and the different organisations involved in the social sector, which is realized by NASO, EAPSD, Dobrich Municipality, EUROPEAN CONFEDERATION OF INCLUSIVE ENTERPRISES (EUCIE), ZfSW – Zentrum für Sozialwirtschaft GmbH, Stadtgemeinde Gleisdorf, Ayuntamiento de Marina de Cudeyo, all partners created a “Declaration on Socially Responsible Public Procurement” to promote social inclusion and inclusion in the labour market.

This declaration is the result of a series of discussions, studies, workshops, and conferences, therefore how to promote the use of Socially Responsible Public Procurement (SRPP) when it comes to promoting the employment of people with disabilities. The information is a result consequently of multi-sectoral and international experience and knowledge on the subject. This Declaration aims to support public authorities to make the most of public procurement to achieve the above objective, as well as promote a more accessible and inclusive labour market for disabled people and disadvantaged groups.

The social outcome pursued by the Declaration is to increase the employment of persons with disabilities in line with the requirements of the UNCRPD to a greater extent (quality work, open labour market, fair wages, growth opportunities and many others). It would be useful for local/regional authorities to include social criteria when considering the best bid (in Public Procurement). The aim of the project and the above declaration is to raise awareness of the above mechanism and provide guidance to local authorities to improve their policies.

The official release of the declaration could be found on the page of the project at EASPD’s website.

It will be published in the official languages of all partners.

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