Среща по първи работен пакет на проект D-CARE

Work Package Meeting, D_CARE

During the past week NASO's team took part in a D_CARE project meeeting and entered its final stage. By the end of 2022, the partners are expected to have reached the desired level of sustainability and development necessary for the future model of innovation training, which will be presented. During the Work Package 1 meeting, the majority of partners asked...

Среща по първи работен пакет на проект D-CARE

Work Package 1, D-CARE meeting

On Fridays, 04/11, NASO’s experts took part in an online meeting, which was focused on the first work package of the project. The progress of conducting the trainings of the target groups was discussed by the partners. An important highlight of the discussion were the details regarding the reports, which should be prepared straight after the completion of the module...

Работни срещи по проект D-CARE

D-CARE WP2 & WP1 Meetings

Last week NASO’s team took part in two online meetings regarding the development of D-CARE project. During the WP1 meeting all partners discussed the current progress of the training programs. NASO is in the middle of the training process - 30 social workers will go through an online workshop and each of them will have 6 training modules at the...

Работна среща по проект D-CARE (Работен Пакет 1)

Transnational Policies for Elders Smart Care Services Development and Implementation Conference

We invite you to meet policymakers, experts, and practitioners from across the Danube Region online at the Transnational Policies for Elders Smart Care Services Development and Implementation Conference, which will be held on October 18, 2022, from 09:30 - 12:30 (CET).  The conference marks the launch of the Transnational Strategy for the development and implementation of smart care services, developed...

Работна среща по проект D-CARE (Работен Пакет 1)

D-CARE (Work Package 1)

On Friday, 07.10.22, NASO's team participated in an online workshop on the D-CARE project - work package 1. All the partners responsible for conducting and reporting on the training, including NASO, reported on the current progress of the assignment. The six training modules on which 30 social workers in Bulgaria are to be trained, have been translated from English to...



Developing, piloting and validating smart care models in Danube region for supporting social innovation, improving competences and entrepreneurship The recent unfavourable demographic processes left their significant stamp on the labour force in whole Danube region. The mobility opportunities left whole regions without qualified persons. The young people seek better work opportunities in bigger cities or abroad, which has left the elderly...

Meeting of D-CARE project partners

NASO participated in a webinar on the D-CARE project, during which the benefits and specifics of applying for potential participants in the innovation competition were presented. Those wishing to apply for the Innovation Competition will receive expert evaluation and access to a wide range of international sponsors who work together on the D-CARE project. The final date for applying for...

National seminar on the D-CARE project

National seminar on the D-CARE project

26.11.21 On November 25 in Varna the National Alliance for Social Responsibility held a National Seminar, which will be held on November 25. The event took place within the D-CARE project "Development, piloting and validation of models of intelligent care in the Danube region to support social innovation, improving competencies and entrepreneurship ”. Тhe expert in the field of "Projects...





Вход за членове на НАСО

Ако не сте член на НАСО и представлявате организация, институция, търговско дружество, социални услуги или юридическо лице и желаете да получите достъп до зоната за членове, е необходимо да попълните формуляр за кандидатстване за членство в Национален алианс за социална отговорност.