CO-RESP Conference: Social Economy Conference – Public Procurement with Added Value

Public procurement is a mechanism of significant economic importance that accounted for around 14% of the European Union’s GDP in 2017 and can contribute to transforming local economies into more sustainable and socially inclusive by stimulating the creation of job opportunities for disadvantaged groups. This event will be the opportunity to learn more about and […]

CO-RESP – Community Resilience Through Social Procurement

Employment Through socially repsonsible public procurement (SRPP), CO-RESP aims to help direct the local economy towards creating new jobs for persons with disabilities and other vulnerable groups. CO-RESP will maximise the use of SRPP by organising a Social Economy Mission, bringing together all relevant stakeholders, favouring the exchange of good practices and enhancing interregional collaboration […]

Third online meeting of the CO-RESP project

On 1st March, 2023, NASO’s team took part in the third online meeting of the CO-RESP project. The aim of this monthly meeting is to track the progress of all partners, to discuss any possible challenges and answer any questions and provide feedback of the completion of tasks and surveys around all country partners so […]

CO-RESP Project partners online meeting

The second CO-RESP Project partners online meeting took place on the 29th of November. NASO actively participated in the meeating and together with the rest of the project partners we discussed the following tasks: 1/ The project Logo has been successfuly agreed on. It will be inserted on the project web page and on all […]

CO-RESP Project: COmmunity REsilience through Social Procurement

The Covid-19 crisis caused a 6.3% contraction in the EU economy in 2020, with the fall in jobs and investment being disproportionate and affecting many people who have historically experienced significant barriers to employment, including people with disabilities. By generating employment and promoting social and labor inclusion, social economy enterprises have played a key role […]

CO-RESP Transnational Partnership meeting

On 31st January 2023, Naso’s team hosted a transnational partnership meeting of the CO-RESP project which took place in Varna, Bulgaria. Part of the discussion was a comparison of “sustainability through social procurement” between all participating European countries – Austria, Bulgaria, Belgium, Germany and Spain. Discussed were next steps of the implementation of the project […]

CO-RESP Kick-Off Meeting

In the beginning of October 2022, the team of NASO had the pleasure to start participating in a new project CO-RESP (COmmunity REsilience through Social Procurement). The CO-RESP project will aim to maximize the use of SRPP (Socially Responsible Public Procurement) by organising a Social Economy Mission (WP2), bringing together all relevant stakeholders, favouring the […]

Вход за членове на НАСО

Ако не сте член на НАСО и представлявате организация, институция, търговско дружество, социални услуги или юридическо лице и желаете да получите достъп до зоната за членове, е необходимо да попълните формуляр за кандидатстване за членство в Национален алианс за социална отговорност.