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Management Board consists of at least three members and is elected for five years. The Management Board elects a chairman.
The Management Board:

  1. Represents the Alliance and defines the representative power of individual members. 
  2. Ensures implementation of the resolutions of the General Assembly.
  3. Manages the Alliance property, determines the order for the activities of the Alliance.
  4. Admit and expel members.
  5. Specifies the entrance fee and annual fee.

Board meetings shall be convened and chaired by the President. Board may take decisions if more than half of its members are present. Decisions are taken by majority vote.

Georgi Georgiev - President of the Board

Georgi Georgiev - President of the Board

  • Master of Economics
  • Specialization - Organization and management of social activities
  • Qualifications:
    • Development of legal documents in the social field
    • Project management
    • Lobbying on the problems of persons with disabilities
    • Starting own business and management of small and medium enterprises
    • Mangers training
  • Long year experience in the field of social policies and services
  • Initiator, founder and participant in the activities of leading organizations and structures in the social field:
    • National Alliance for Social Responsibility - Founder and President
    • National federation of the employers of persons with disabilities - Founder and Chair of the Control body
    • Association “National union of the cooperations of disabled people, National federation of employers for persons with disabilities, Union of the cooperations of military disabled people in Bulgaria” - Member of the Board
    • Union of the disabled people - Founder
    • Regional agency for entrepreneurship and innovations - Founder and member
    • Agency for economic development - Varna – Member
    • Public Council for social rehabilitation and integration - Founder and member
  • Manager of projects with innovative for Bulgaria activities:
          • Building of municipal and regional structures in the social filed
          • Building of a system of social services in the community and provision of the first in Bulgaria service of Personal assistant
          • Capacity building in the civil organizations
          • Creation and realization of municipal social programs
          • Implementation of the first in Bulgaria fora of service providers for persons with disabilities and establishment of the national network

Nadezhda Youlzari - Sofia

 Nadezhda Youlzari, Foundation Psychological support, Sofia 

        • Master of Children and Adolescent Psychology
        • Bachelor of Special Education
        • Qualifications - Social services legislation
        • Skills, participations and responsibilities:
          • Child psychologist
          • Preparation and realization of projects for support of children with disabilities and provision of services for persons with disabilities
          • National and European conferences and seminars on the issues of persons with disabilities.

Veselina Boteva - Plovdiv

Veselina Boteva, Director of Social Policy Directorate, Plovdiv Municipality


    • Master of Accounting of Financial and Non-Financial Institutions, Economics Academy - Svishtov
    • Master of Health Management - Medical University, Plovdiv
    • bachelor of Social Activities and Management - University of Plovdiv
    • Work experience: Expert and management positions in the Agency for Social Assistance (1999 - 2012). Since March 2012 - takes the position of a director of Social Policy Directorate of Plovdiv Municipality.
    • Active participation in the DI process started in Plovdiv municipality since 2012.According to the National Strategy "Vision for children deinstitutionalization in Bulgaria" 6 new social services (Family-type Group Homes) were established and 70 children and youth with disabilities found a new home.
    • Personal contribution to the development of social services in Plovdiv Municipality through active partnership with the public structures and NGOs.
    • Qualifications: "Inspectorates role in corruption prevention and combating in public administration"; "Implementation of the measurement system for conflict of interests in public administration"; Training at Maastricht, Netherlands: "EU affairs national coordination: linking domestic and European dimensions", "Roma Integration in Bulgaria within education" (including human rights, legal and regulatory basis of Roma integration and access to education, strategies and policies for the educational integration); "Social services management, quality control and social services procurement"; "Monitoring and evaluation of policies and strategies implementation for social services development."

Georgi Filipov - Varna

Georgi Filipov, GIF Ltd, Varna

      • Master in Computer sciences
      • Specializations:
        • Human resources management and hotel management
        • Protocol and ethics in the tourism
      • Member of the Board of:
        • Varna tourist Chamber
        • Bulgarian association of the sommeliers and wine connoisseur
        • National federation of the employers of persons with disabilities
        • Varna association for media communication and advertisement
        • Certified engineer in computer sciences, applied programming, system administration and integration, graphic design, internet and web design.

Svetla Grigorova - Gabrovo

Svetla Grigorova, Foundation Care for disabled children, Gabrovo 


            • Master of Social activities
            • Bachelor of Finance and Banking
            • Qualifications - Development and realization of projects in support of disabled children
            • Professional responsibilities:
            • Director of Day centre for children and youths with disabilities
            • President of Foundation „Care for disabled children”
            • National and European conferences on the issues of persons with disabilities
            • Work groups for the preparation of Municipal and Regional strategies and programs for social services



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