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  • Providing conditions for support and development of service providers and employers of people with disabilities and other social groups and increasing their contribution to improving social inclusion and the quality of life of the population.
  • Improving the conditions for successful business and support for development of socially responsible corporations to increase their contribution to the social development of Bulgaria in accordance with the ethical, legal and social expectations of society through fair policy regarding payment, insurance, education, improving working conditions for employees and realizing support through donations, sponsorships, and other partnerships.
  • Motivating and encouraging municipalities, municipal and regional bodies and other institutions to create a socially responsible environment and policies on implementation of local and regional socially responsible initiatives and activities for social support, social justice, social partnership and positive social development to improve living conditions.
  • Inclusion of organizations and institutions working in the field of arts and culture for implementation of socially significant activities, initiatives and projects forming adequate social attitudes, activities, positiveness and socially responsible behavior contributing to the social development of society.



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